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skin analysis machine download where free down software

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What is skin analysis machine digital?

Key Specifications/Special Features:

Working principle:
The instrument is the latest high precision skin tester of adopting bio-electrical impedance analysis
Under the condition of guaranteeing skin without any damage, it gives an exquisite skin care for you

Product function:
Moisturizing management:
moisture is the primary element for skin beauty care, skin whitening, sun protection, oil-control and more are accomplished on basis of moisturizing, any season, age, skin problems, all can realize perfect status under the comfort and moisture of water

Oil-control management:

In order to protect the skin health, our body will secrete oil and grease to reach the skin surface through pores, thus forming a layer of sebum membrane to protect the skin far away from external factors such as dust, dirty air and more, but excessive oil secretion will cause a series of skin problems

Skin care product management:
Different skin, need to choose suitable skin care product, the skin care product fitted for you is the best product


High precision: water test error is within 1%
High stability: test precision remain unchanged
Small and exquisite: size of a pen, can carry by most cosmetic bags
Simple operation: it's only a simple operation of starting up test when using
Data comparison: can query the past 5 times test data, speaking with data
Green and environmental protection: battery service time is about 1-2 years

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