SkinCareRx Reviews 2018


Folks that are looking for high quality and professional skin care products that can be used at home may want to check out SkinCareRX right now.

The company behind the website has been established since 1999 and has provided for millions of customers already the access that they need for such merchandise.

Having its headquarters in Arizona, this is among the few companies that have been authorized to sell skin care brands without having to visit a dermatologist.

Let us find out more about the website and what it has to offer by continuing to read the SkinCareRX review provided below.


he only minor negative aspect that can be said about SkinCareRX at this time is that people who wish to return items for whatever reason to the company will have to ask for authorization from them first.
This means that if a product somehow does not meet your expectations, you will have to call or contact the website first in order to obtain an authorization number which you will attach to your package if you have decided to return it.
This is an important thing to know as those without authorization will not be accepted.



One of the best features that the website has to offer is that they provide people with a commitment to excellence.

This can be achieved by supplying them with only the best products that are available at this time while also extending their experiences.

People can save on their orders that go above $49 as they will be able to access free shipping services from the store.

Aside from that, they have a friendly and knowledgeable support team that is willing to answer questions that people may have.

You are going to be thankful to have read this SkinCareRX review later.

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  • 30 Day Guarantee
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4)SkinCareRx Reviews

SkinCareRx Reviews

SkinCareRx Reviews


"Purchased 2 items worths 164 dollars. I did not receive and no refunds!"

Shopped here for 2 years

"Healthy discounts, quick shipping, my stuff is always in stock! Sorry you guys had a bad experience but I use it regularly!!"

I will never shop again

"I was charged for an item that I did not receive. I asked for a refund. They said ok, but instead they shipped a replacement. It has taken almost two months, repeated phone calls and emails and is still not resolved. "

Run While You Can!

"Worst Customer Service EVER! They use "Bait and Switch" Marketing. And customer service is HORRID! Run while you can!"

Poor customer service

"I ordered 5 skinceuticals products on their website and received subsequent confirmation by email. Next day, I receive an email stating that they couldn't ship to a mail forwarding address and if I had another address they would process the order. I contacted them and was not given any reason as to why this has occurred and that in fact they could ship to my address. I was told to reenter my order. I asked if the same discount would apply. The answer was no, only what was currently available on the site. I went on the site to see if i could get the same prices and could not. Note that this was exactly 2 days later. So their system made a mistake and i should pay for it….wow!"

I strongly don't recommend this site at all

"I ordered refa s craft and refa 4 craft,I got two refa s crafts one and half month ago,I requested replacement,after 10days,it was a Mia 2,not even a product related to refa,I called in and asked for return,they asked to send a picture,I did,but nobody took care of that,I waited for one day and called again,the customer service now and back to the history had a bad attitude,they even hanged up the phone and didn't call back and didn't listen to my and stopped my talking,I felt like I needed to fight with them to get my right to talk,they gave all the excuses to avoid solving the problems that I had,I didn't get the product I wanted even it took me at least 1.5month,and nobody appologized"

Absolute Scam

"Buyers beware, don't even think about ordering from Skincarerx! I bought from this site because it carries a hair product that is very difficult to find. After placing my order, and reviewing my order confirmation I realized I ordered two different sizes in shampoo and conditioner. I attempted to cancel my order online, but it denied my request. What?? I placed the order less than 15 minutes prior. I called customer service, who was actually prompt to answer (maybe because it was late) and, again, they denied my request to cancel because the "order has already been sent to the warehouse". Again- what?? How in the world is that relevant! And I placed the order within the past hour, so the fact a cancellation is impossible before shipping is just unheard of. I made a third attempt, this time got my husband on the phone and they still denied DESPITE the fact they have a written cancellation policy that states you have the right to cancel within 14 days. The employee on the phone showed no regard for that. My husband told her he was recording the call and she informed us she would have to hang up in that case. And she did exactly that. I called the bank to file a dispute against these clowns and their sham of a "business". Stay far away."

Buyer Beware!

"I have been shopping with this company for a few years now, but in the last few months, something has changed – and not for the better! It seems like they have changed ownership because their website has changed; their discounts are now very limited, not only in frequency but the exclusions of participating brands is ridiculous, when compared to discounts offered in the past. And, to make matters even worse, their customer service(?) is now appalling! They are clearly using "offshore" customer service, at least outside of regular business hours and they are useless. I used to love shopping with this company and have recommended them to several friends. However, this will no longer be the case, because of my recent experiences. Sadly, they are no longer the company they used to be!"

Horrible! Don't order from this company!

"I wish I came upon this site before ordering from skincarerx. At first everything was fine and then I began receiving what appeared to be used products. Box looked very old and beaten up. A tube of cream arrived with screw on top completely off and seal looked funny. Good luck getting your money back or even being able to return a product. Anything you order arrives with no invoice or receipt. You can't even print one out from their website. Their site suggests the best way to get in touch with them is via Livechat but that is always unavailable. If you call you are told they are experiencing very high call volume and to leave a message. Your next option is to complete an online form from their site and are instructed to take a picture of the product and upload it. I got a response saying so sorry, etc. and asking me to upload photo! I did upload photo! I couldn't respond to this email because the email address is no reply. I had to go back on site and complete another form and again received the same message. I realize now I'm not going to get a refund and this company is running what appears to be a scam! I'm gonna nag to be filing a complaint with the better business bureau and hopefully this may help someone else not get scammed!"

The Lord is Testing Me…

"Yes it must be a test from above. Recently I ordered a skin cream from SkinCareRx, unfortunately a small hairdryer arrived instead. The following is a brief synopsis of dealing with SkinRx….never again. Recently I contacted you 6 times. Two being phone calls, No Response. Once on line thru your chat, (EXPERT) which was more painful then waiting at the Motor Vechile Department, now three times using your "contact us" e-mail. YOUR last response was as follows:
Thank you for getting in touch. I am sorry to hear this. Can you please quote how much it would cost for the item to be returned back to us. If there is anything else that we can do, then please do not hesitate to get in touch and a member of our team will be happy to help. Kind regards,

You're joking ? You want me, the consumer to price the return of the $150.00 hair dryer that you, ( SKINCARERX) sent "ME" incorrectly.
At what point will you let me know where the "SkinCeuticals Triple Lipid Restore item" I ORDERED and paid for is ?
You're "customer service", and want me to perform the service.
yes the Lord works in mysterious ways,
note: The skin care product costs $100.00 the hairdryer $150.00 who would think emailing a shipping label would be so tuff . Never Again"

Do NOT order from SkincareRX!!!

"I've been a loyal customer for awhile and recently had an issue with a La Roche Posay cleanser having a bad odor. I couldn't find a phone number to contact them so unfortunately, I had to communicate with them using their USELESS message system. It was like communicating with a robot. Same response…"sorry to hear about your problem, but La Roche products are all natural and should not have a bad odor.". This was the response I got from them over and and over again. Finally I was fed up and asked so can I return it or NOT??!! Then the response was the EXACT same and they added, Sorry we do NOT accept returns! I will be deleting my account and will never order from them again!"